It has been estimated that a typical employee spends about 27 minutes/week or 1.8 hours/month deleting and managing spam in the mailbox. CTS has partnered with Barracuda Networks, which is a leading worldwide provider of anti-spam solutions, to provide businesses a confident, reliable, and simple anti-spam solution. Not only does our solution block spam, but it also protects your e-mails against viruses, phishing, and spyware.

With our Barracuda anti-spam solution, there are no contracts to sign or expensive equipment to purchase. In fact you do not even need to reconfigure your e-mail server or e-mail client (Outlook, Entourage, etc). All you need to do is redirect your e-mail to deliver through our Barracuda, we analyze all incoming e-mails, and then instantly deliver all legitimate e-mails.

The monthly investment for our Barracuda anti-spam filtering is only $2/user/month, and for groups larger than 10 users, we do offer discounts.


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