Welcome to CTS

CTS is more than an IT consulting company…. we are a key ingredient for the success of your business. Every business should be empowered to achieve their goals, and that is where CTS comes into your equation for success. By implementing cost-effective and reliable technology solutions within your organization, you are able to focus on the core of your business while allowing us to manage your IT-business needs.

Our core empowering solutions are:

So what does being empowered mean to you? For CTS it means that your employees will be fully productive, because they aren’t wasting 10 minutes/day dealing with spam, or not able to work for 3 hours because their computer was infected with a virus. Being empowered means that your website is up all of the time and online orders are placed directly into your ERP/financial system and the warehouse is shipping products immediately. It means that you have 20 remote sales people and they need to securely access your CRM and company’s files remotely to close a deal.

So the real questions is…. are you ready to be empowered by CTS?


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